XDebug, PHP CLI, Windows, Sublime

Setting environment variable in PowerShell.

Not standard

Not standard of a day: str.link()


Found this in a broken websites I worked on a couple of years ago. A very dangerous piece of code. It’s a first stage malware dropper.

It appears that it was used to install WSO remote webshell. Joomla’s weblink module vulnerability to MySQL injection was exploited to compromise system.

Import custom HTML element with shadow DOM

RequireJS in Web Worker

Note: workers can not access DOM. Use xmlHttpRequest for AJAX.

Debugging Node script

Put debugger; in your script to create a break point.

node debug script.js



cont, next, repl

Read documentation for more.

Most used Git commands

Working tree status git status

Stage only tracked files git add -u

Unstage git reset

Review changes between HEAD and working tree before each commit git diff.

git commit

git push origin master

Deploy git pull origin master

Bower vs NPM confusion

Bower is created solely for the front-end and is optimized with that in mind (…) requires a flat dependency tree.”

How to add new client javascript library to a project?

  1. Edit bower.json
  2. bower update
  3. grunt wiredep*

* See Gruntfile.js.

Edit or create package.json and use npm to install grunt and wiredep.

Microsoft Windows 8: A Forensic First Look

The average user is mostly unaware that the operating system is leaving traces of their activity behind that is specific to their usage. Knowing where these artifacts are stored can greatly assist in recreating a particular user account’s history.

via Microsoft Windows 8: A Forensic First Look.

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